Invoice Financing/P2P Investing

What is invoice financing?

Invoice financing is a great way for companies to improve their cash flow without compromising their credit history.

It provides companies incredible flexibility – the ability to raise interim funds, access funds quickly and to sell as many invoices (or as few) as they want.

For investors, the benefits are numerous – invoices mean payment is due, risk of non-payment is low, and funds are tied up for a maximum of 90 days.

A much more flexible tool than invoice factoring, discounting allows companies to sell their invoices individually. In factoring, companies sell their whole receivables book.

Invoice Financing

Capital Springboard is Singapore’s largest invoice financing platform, providing dynamic business financing and investments, connecting invoice sellers & accredited investors.

How do short-term invoices fit into my wealth portfolio?

Like any investment, % portfolio allocation to invoices would depend on your risk tolerance & time horizon. Since invoice financing is a slightly riskier form of fixed-income investing than conventional credit and bonds, allocation would be higher within portfolios held by investors with a higher risk tolerance. Contact us to complete our risk tolerance questionnaire

Tenzing is able to construct portfolios of invoices suitable for investors with any risk profile, using Capital Springboard’s proprietary credit rating system, and diversifying across hundreds of invoices, thus reducing risk and maximizing returns. View some of our portfolio return simulations