International real estate

We assist clients who are looking for the perfect retirement home, vacation getaway, a place for the kids when they go to university, or are simply looking for a suitable real estate investment, to find a suitable property through our partner portfolios. See more about the countries and developments we deal with below.

Why invest your money in international real estate?

Real estate investment can be a good way to diversify your investments to put some of your money into bricks, but it also requires a little more capital than the other forms of investment.

At the same time, it requires longer preparation to invest in properties, in return, returns will often be very good and real estate investments will never fall to $ 0 in value that other types of investment may risk.

To do the minimaza the long preparation have Tenzing Investment choosed some interstring location so we togather can pick the best investment as possible for you.

International Real Estate

properties around the world

Here is a hand-pick the countries we advise people to invest in.

United Kingdom

The UK has become an attractive destination due to the recent fall in value of GBP, and some fantastic locations around the country
Find out more on the options available in Leeds, London and Liverpool for a range of budgets
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The commercial center of Europe has long been an attraction for both students, families and business people.
Find out more about the options available primarily in Berlin and surrounding areas


Australian real estate has become incredibly popular in recent years, especially among Asian investors
Find out more about the options available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and some few places more below.

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