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At Tenzing we conduct detailed financial planning reviews and analyses, where we ascertain an individual’s current financial position and future objectives.

The financial planning process is essential for making accurate recommendations and understanding client specific requirements, which are key when initiating the portfolio construction process and insuring a client’s well-being.

Financial Planning
Financial Planning

Financial Planning Process

We follow a simple 5-step financial planning process, from consulting a client for the first time and understanding objectives, to ensuring a client achieves those objectives.

The Steps include:

  • Understanding your personal circumstances, goals & objectives.
  • Designing your financial strategy.
  • Providing recommendations and producing statement of advice.
  • Implementing recommendations.
  • Continuously reviewing & monitoring portfolio.

Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services

Tenzing’s insurance division allows us to provide complete cover to our clients, whether they require health, life or critical illness cover, we are able to provide suitable solutions to individuals, wherever they are in the world. Visit the site at http://ten-pac.com/

Financial Planning