About Us

What We Do

We are a boutique private wealth manager, providing bespoke wealth & investment management, as well as estate planning services to individual, family and corporate clients, based Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia. Our duties to clients include: writing financial plans, international asset allocation, investment analysis, family succession planning, research & trading.

We manage portfolios through stand-alone managed accounts, international tax-beneficial accounts, trusts, pensions, as well as corporate benefit plans. Additionally, facilitate execution services on 100+ stock exchanges through our Global Trader platform.


Diligent, Research-Focused Work

Many investment advisory firms fail to demonstrate how they are adding value for their clients. We diligently research every investment recommendation we make to clients which is presented in easy-to-read reports


An Educational Approach

We understand that most individuals & families do not have the time to focus on personal wealth & financial markets. Our aim is to present all information we provide in an easy-to-read format, and to tailor the information we present according to a client’s level of expertise


A multi-Cultural Practice

We aim to serve clients from multiple countries, in multiple languages. Our ultimate aim is to provide a solution for anyone, regardless of citizenship, language, domicile or tax-residency


Customizable Solutions

No one solution is suitable for every client. Considering the broad scope of our client base, we believe it is important to provide unique solutions to to every client.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goals is to grow our clients wealth over the long-term, by minimizing costs, making the best investment decisions possible, while educating and providing a world class experience.

what to expect

A down-to-earth experience, where a client is constantly educated about our methods, decisions and the ultimate goals we would like our clients to achieve. We are a radically transparent organization & are always on standby to assist with decisions & to review goals with our clients.

Our Way

We use the following tools when servicing our clients: online trading platforms, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, direct equity investments, commodity futures, private equity investments, global real estate, assurance bonds, trusts, pensions, offshore bank accounts as well as property, which allows us to tailor an investment structure to the specific needs of a client.

Behind The Name

The company name was inspired by Tenzing Norgay, the Nepalese-born Indian Sherpa mountaineer.  Among the most famous mountain climbers in history, he was one of the first two individuals known to reach the summit of Mount Everest, which he accomplished with Edmund Hillary on 29 May 1953.

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