International Bank Accounts

We assist with opening international bank accounts through our network of global banks.

Managed Investment Account

Looking to set up an international investment portfolio?
We'll help you to construct a personalized portfolio through our managed account.

Model Portfolios

For every portfolio, we design and manage for client we have a proven return history via our model portfolios.


Private Wealth Management Across Southeast Asia and Beyond

We help individuals & families to save and invest their excess income effectively and pass these assets on to the next generation. Additionally, we help small and medium-sized businesses to structure solid employee benefits packages.

individual services


Portfolio management

For every portfolio we design and manage for a client we have a proven return history via our model portfolio service


Financial Planning

Detailed financial planning reviews and analyses, where we ascertain an individual’s current financial position and future objectives.

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US Tax service

We assist US clients abroad with remaining FATCA compliant along with US-based saving and investment solutions.


Private Health Insurance

Our insurance division assists individual and family clients with purchasing local & international health insurance plans that fit their budgets


Managed Accounts

The most cost-effective, flexible and simple way to build a global investment portfolio to finance your retirement or pass on to the next generation.


International Bank Accounts

We assist with opening international bank accounts through our network of global banks.


Invoice Financing/P2P Investing

An alternative investment option that provides an investor the opportunity to realize returns which are not correlated to traditional financial markets


Real Estate

We assist clients with purchasing real estate throughout Europe, the US and Australasia

Corporate Services


Employee Retirement Schemes

Learn more about the benefits packages we can provide for companies to help them attract talented employees. Let us educate your firm about the benefits of setting-up Employee Retirement Plans.


Group insurance plans

Through our insurance division, Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services, we can provide individuals and companies international Health insurance plans, which are suited to any client requirements.


International Bank Accounts

See how we can help individuals and companies with issues relating to international bank accounts through our partnership with Standard Bank International.

Sven Roering Investment

Managing Partner Message

In an environment where ethical & professional standards are largely lacking, we are proud that we have built an incredibly competent team of individuals, with expertize ranging from: investment research & analysis, tax advisory & international estate structuring. The combination of our in-house expertise, along with our international institutional partnerships, lay the foundations for client solutions that are ultimately cost-effective, transparent and will shape the industry in EM Asia over the long-term.

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About Tenzing

We help individuals and families to save and invest there exceed income effectively. Additionally, we help small - to - medium business with large employee benefits solutions.


Our service

We provide a wide range of solutions, including: personal share portfolios, international bank and savings accounts, investment research as well as family financial planning



With clients in over 6 countries across Asia, a team that serves clients in multiple languages and proven investment results via our model portfolio service, we are in a unique position to solve a wide range of problems


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Latest News -

Yes, Tenzing does not hold client money. A client’s money is held with 3rd party  banks in very well regulated countries, with robust investor protection laws. Most of the money we management for clients is held in: the United States, Singapore, Isle of Man & Luxembourg.

We are able to serve most nationalities, as long as an individual or family is not politically affiliated.

Yes, we are able to provide solutions for US citizens through third party custodians and fiduciaries, which are completely compliant with FATCA legislation.

The information provided in the statement of advice provides the terms that dictate the relationship between our firm and the client. This document also lists the entire scope of a client’s financial strategy based on the outcomes of the disclosures in the client questionnaire, details of recommended investments as well as the rules and targets governing the construction and management of the client’s portfolio. Most importantly, all fees and potential conflicts of interest are disclosed in this document.

We offer access to everything from direct stocks, bonds and futures on 120+ exchanges around the world, as well as ETFs, mutual funds, REITs, private equity, private debt, hedge funds, alternatives as well as physical property.

Model portfolios are simulated portfolios consisting of mutual fund and ETF assets managed on software within the firm. They represent the firm’s asset allocation strategies, and provide the basis for all investment recommendations as well as a historical performance presentation of the firm’s money management abilities vs. specific benchmarks and categories. Allocation is done through ETFs and mutual funds for the purpose of efficiency and to remain cost-effective.

The model portfolios form the core of our investment recommendations; however, we do take client preferences into account. For example, you would never find a private equity or physical property within the models. Everything we do is bespoke.